I can help you upgrade without adding a single square foot—just an eye for color and a nose for the details that turn ho-hum into charming.

“I am soooooo fed up with my yard!”

Is your garden simply not functioning for your needs? Let’s talk! I’ll come by, we’ll determine the design issues you’re dealing with, then I”ll work with you to sketch a concept plan for a complete makeover. We’ll discuss your wants and needs for your garden—your fondest garden fantasies—and we’ll work together as I sketch possible designs. In a few hours, you’ll have a sketched plan and a rosy (or vegetably or shrubby or mossy) new outlook.

“I want to get more money for my house.”

Wish you could wave a magic wand and turn your looks-like-every-other-house-on-the-block place into the sort of house where people slow down as they pass by in order to get a better look?

Is it time to sell, and you want the house to look as amazing as possible without spending a mint? With some landscape tweaks, and a yummy, coordinated “you know you want me” color scheme for the house and yard, you’re well on your way to multiple offers. You’ve watched those shows on HGTV and you know it’s all about curb appeal, so let’s do this! Be prepared, though, to fall in love with the place all over again.

“What do I do about my pool? That awful tree? My diggity dog? The dang deer?”

Are your plants suffering, but you’re not sure why? You’ve just lost a big tree and the yard is looking bare? Wish that pool would disappear? Got pests? Let’s talk it through. The way I see it, you can pay me to listen, and in an hour or two, your problems are figured out and you have a plan of action. Or you can give it to your therapist, and just keep going home to the same nasty yard. I’m only thinking of you and your happiness! For a very sensible one-time investment, your life will be visibly, noticeably better. Plus, I won’t make you cry, and we’ll have fun getting this done. Can you say that about your therapist?

Your garden should reflect your lifestyle, whether you’re creating a getaway for one or a party pad to entertain the whole clan. I’ll learn who you are and how you plan to live in your garden so that we can help you imprint your personal mark, without getting paralyzed by the enormous range of choices and trade-offs available.

I speak contractor.

You’ll be pleased with the combination of the OCD way I run my projects, with clear estimates and easy communication, as well as the fun approach I bring to your design. Design and construction projects don’t have to be overwhelming, they can be a joy.


What do you think? Let me know!

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