Curb Appeal

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Making the most of the front yard easement in Menlo Park.

Adding curb appeal to a home requires considering a range of factors, from the functional and structural–do paths and circulation work? Is there appropriate safety lighting? Is everything in good repair? To the purely aesthetic–is it cheerful and welcoming? Is the color appropriate to the character and style of the house, and is the house in keeping with the neighborhood context? Do the colors of the garden and hardscaping materials complement the house, and vice versa?

If there is a structural issue like an easement in front of the home, it should be taken into account in the design. I love using gravel and unusual driveway shapes to divert attention from the presence of an easement and instead highlight the unique style of a home. Easements are great for extra parking, as long as the look is flattering to the garden when no cars are present.

The curved stacked stone walls and borders of this Menlo Park garden de-emphasize the presence of an easement. Strategically placed boulders provide parking guidance and keep cars from getting too close to plantings.

Unfortunately, many neighbors still have asphalt paving defining the easements running through their front yards. If you have this problem, contact me!

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