Is it finally time to say goodbye to your lawn?

Don’t let this week’s forecast for heavy rains fool you! Bay Area gardeners are still facing a severe drought this year. The San Francisco Chronicle had a great article today about replacing thirsty lawns. For the full text, follow the link. Or just skip down to the important bit about the cities currently offering rebates on lawn conversions. If you are thinking of redesigning your garden this year, have your water use audited by the water company before you begin the process (of letting your lawn die) so you have an accurate baseline.

The Lawn Good-Bye

The important part, if you’re considering a big change:

Bay Area cities offering rebates

A growing number of Northern California cities and water districts offer landscape conversion incentive programs. Residents who replace conventional sod lawns with less thirsty plantings can earn rebates. The East Bay Municipal Utility District offers rebates of up to $2,500 for residential lawn conversion and irrigation upgrades. Some trees, shrubs, ornamental annuals, no-mow sod and artificial turf are not allowed as lawn alternatives; native and other drought-tolerant plants are encouraged. Before-and-after inspection by EBMUD staffers is required.

For more information on the EBMUD Lawn Conversion & Irrigation Upgrade Rebate Program:

Others rewarding lawn replacement include:

North Marin Water District (

Santa Clara Valley Water District (

Napa (

Sonoma (

Menlo Park (

(excerpted from “The Lawn Goodbye” by Joe Eaton and Ron Sullivan.)

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