Decoding the Gardens of Suzhou Summary

Wow, what a trip! Today marks 5 weeks back from Suzhou, and I’m still processing so much of what I saw. It was glorious to be able to think, post, and talk about nothing but gardens for a week! From the moment I returned, it was right back to the craziness of everyday life, balancing client projects, elementary school activities and lessons, and home repairs. I can’t believe five weeks have flown by so quickly! There are so many pictures, videos, and notes I took about the gardens that I want to gather together to share with you, but I’m going to start by summarizing the posts on different subjects here. These are probably not all going to be in perfect order. As I add (or finish all the drafts I started on my trip!) more posts, I’ll update the list and get everything properly sorted. I hope you enjoy this peek into these amazing classical gardens! Please be sure to leave your comments, I’d love to hear what you think.

Travel Journal, Day By Day

Decoding the Gardens of Suzhou

The Long Haul to Suzhou

Next Stop Beijing!

Day 1 Video of Old Suzhou

Welcome to the All Seasons

A Walk Around Town

The Gardens

Couple’s Retreat Garden

Morning in the Couple’s Garden

The Lion Grove Garden

Tongli and the Garden of Retreat and Reflection

The Garden of Retreat and Reflection

The Master of Nets Garden

The Lingering Garden

Suzhou Museum (coming soon…)

Hanshan Temple (coming soon…)

The Humble Administrator’s Garden (coming soon…)


Let’s Geek Out About Patterns and Textures

Improving a Garden is More Difficult Than Correcting A Poem

On Chinese Gardens

What is Chinese for Landscape Architect?

The Food

Worm Vegetable and Congee Breakfast

The Day in Food

Have you ever seen so many vegetables for breakfast in your life?

Enjoying a Green Bean Popsicle

Breakfast Report

The Lunch Report

The Crew

The Crew: Producer/Director Duffy Wang

My Posse

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