What is Chinese for Landscape Architect?

We ran into a group of fourth-year Landscape Architecture students from a local university, who were spending the day sketching in the Master of Nets garden. It was a great time to get an answer to the question, “what do you call a landscape architect in Chinese?”

I didn’t catch all the Mandarin conversation Duffy had with the professor, obviously, but Duffy said that the title he knew, which translates as “Garden Art Master” has been changed. The professor’s term translates as “Master of Scenery and Views.” The program is part of the agricultural university.

For all the landscape architects and designers out there, a gallery of photos of trash receptacles, drain grates, and other geeky subjects. The rest of you, stay tuned, more good stuff coming up!

If you’re still with me, there are three old/ancient drain grates shaped like coins (it’s a Feng Shui thing) and one new-er one from the Hanshan temple street today. Photo of bike share is for Mary. And the trash receptacles are from gardens we’ve visited. The porcelain ones are at the Lingering Garden, I don’t remember which one the bamboo receptacles were from right now.










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