Breakfast Report

Because I know you all (especially those LB&C babes) are fascinated by what I’m eating! Okay, clockwise from the bacon at the top, marinated slices of taro and carrot with chili and bacon bits. Served lightly warm, the marinade tastes like a rice vinegar base. Taro is a starchy root just like potato. Tastes more like a parsnip, though. Not much flavor by itself, it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s with. There are potatoes here, obviously, but taro is totally the potato of Asia–it’s served in and with everything.

Then green beans with eggplant, and one of my favorites, braised cabbage. Not a huge cabbage fan normally, but this is delish.

The fried egg is on top of a pile of steamed zucchini slices with sausage bits, another one of my favorites. Finally, saving the best for last, the edamame tossed with pickled mustard greens. Yum!!! Actually, the coffee is pretty outstanding. Maybe that’s the best for last. 🙂

We have been eating our way through Suzhou, and last night Duffy ordered us a lighter meal. Pickled mustard greens with scrambled egg was one of the side dishes, along with marinated bitter melon, steamed zucchini, and a cold- sliced marinated tofu. Every meal seems to include four or five new ways to serve tofu!

The main dish was a hot frog congee (porridge), which is very healing for the digestion according to Chinese medicine. The Chinese version of chicken soup or Mac n cheese. This congee was like a cross between soup and risotto. Or a soupier risotto. For those who are wondering, frog tastes like scallops if scallops had the texture of chicken. Very common in the cuisine here, it’s been served in three or four different dishes so far.

I’m constantly teased by Facebook comment notifications, but Facebook is completely blocked here. Remember, if you have any questions, comment below!Otherwise, I’ll be catching up with you on FB when I get back.


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