The Day in Food

First photo, for the Lynne Bowman & Co Facebook– my travel snacks, which got me through the marathon day/night of travel. Fortunately, I don’t need any of these today because we encounter tons of awesome food!
For lunch, we have a dozen or so dishes shared family-style in an old house turned into a restaurant (more on that later) including duck, tofu, and my favorite, greens wilted with a pearl barley or a local type of rice the size of a large pea. After lunch, Duffy bought some soft, perfectly ripe persimmons from a fruit seller, which we ate standing in the street with juice dripping over our fingers. I spent the afternoon just trying not to get lost, keeping up with the film crew. The two camera teams split up to shoot in different areas as we walked up and down alleys–I saw lots of street food I didn’t eat including fried chicken feet (already had pickled chicken feet at lunch) and a Chinese corn dog–made with chopped up French fries! When we were done filming, we sat in a cafe for awhile to enjoy some Chrysanthemum tea with goji berries, sunflower seeds, and beans that looked sort of like Favas, roasted with a flavored salt. Yum! Finally, a shot of some dinner dishes, all of which featured chilies, except my personal favorite, the taro marinated in green tea with a toasted sesame crust. Wow!

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