Backyard retreat in Menlo Park

This backyard retreat made the most of an existing pool. After weighing the costs of removing an existing pool with the options for remodeling it, these homeowners decided to keep it for exercise and relaxation, but scale it down to make room for more play area.

The original pool was an awkward shape that required obnoxious safety fencing, and took up most of this pie-shaped corner lot. Between the overgrown vines and shrubs and the safety fencing, the remaining yard was broken into little narrow pathways. Narrowing the pool to a strict rectangle made it possible to use a powerful safety cover that slides closed under the lip of the pool coping. Bringing the grass right up to the edge of the coping also increased the sense of spaciousness in the yard. Building an outdoor fireplace and pergola on the patio created a pleasant shady area for hanging out by the pool, while also adding some charm and character to the back of the house.

Stay tuned for more updated photos!


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