Quick Curb Appeal Tips

Are you thinking about improving the resale value of your home? “Curb Appeal” is a key part of resale. It’s the first impression a potential visitor or buyer gets when seeing your home from the street. Curb appeal is about function as much as it is about style. Can your friends, home repair technicians, emergency service personnel find your home easily? Or do you find yourself giving long-winded directions?

Your house numbers should be easily and immediately visible from the street, and they should be lighted if possible, or reflective, if necessary. The color combination of your house should reflect it’s history, architectural style, and potentially some of your family’s personality.

It should be easy and obvious to know where to park, and how to enter the property. The front door or the path to the front door should be easy and obvious as well.

These considerations are often straightforward to resolve for urban and suburban homes, but can be more difficult on country properties where front entries are not obvious from the street, or where the front entry is not always the one used. You’d be surprised how many suburban homes do not have obvious house numbers, though!

For more tips to consider about curb appeal, check out this quick list on Houzz:

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