14 Weeks at Filoli: Weeks 1 and 2

The gardens at Filoli are quiet and peaceful this time of year–in the past, I’ve taken classes during the regular spring-summer season and gotten to know the face the garden usually shows to the public. Fully made-up, dressed to the nines. Bustling with volunteers and visitors, everything immaculate.

The first day of orientation for the UC Master Gardener training program was a surprise, like seeing the ropes, pulleys, and blocking tape backstage before a play. There are no crowds yet to gawk at the beds full of tulips and pots overflowing with flowers. There are a few birds beginning to set up shop in the crisp cold, and herds of tame deer grazing in the meadows. I’ll be attending Master Gardener training for 12 more  weeks, and I’ll be posting pictures each week, watching as spring unfolds and the curtain rises.

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